Rainy Days

Here comes the rain.
Something no one has seen before.
Not like before, or
So it seems.
Like before we were young.
When we had no concept of youth, just emotions,
Fear of what was, death, the boogie man, loneliness
Maybe you got away, overcame, or
You gave away that fear in exchange for hardness.
Soul so sour.
My youth, the youth before,
It still sits there, wondering about death, the dying.
Magic still exists, dreams are still unfolding.
Disappointments still late, never arriving.
Smiles and laughter are still heard on my hearts playground,
Screams exhaled in exhilaration.
No time to ponder, just to be.
Here comes the rain, the pouring down so hard,
The rain is here again, but unlike before.

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