Poetry by author Mary E. Gregory


  • To Love, Greatly

    Send the vine I hold onto, Send the spite I cling to in my teeth, I do need this downtime. I’ve hung on too long. No, I don’t need anymore of your pain, I have my own. The deep wounds of loss, forgiven. Taking it on the chin, now listening. Being the better person, the […]

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  • Good Things To Come

    What if you chose yourself to fixate on, to admire, to like? I realized something today, that today is the day where I like the me that I am, and not just because someone else likes me, but because I like myself. Will you realize this about yourself today as well?

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  • Words are like Kingdoms

    The power to forgive those who hurt with their words. Acknowledging pain and moving through and out of it is building your kingdom.

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  • Poet 4 the Day

    I wrote this poem over a month ago, but for some reason didn’t put the date on the paper, which is unlike me. Sometimes I write poems and don’t post them right away because I’m not sure of them, what they mean to me, if they’re any good. But this has been hanging on my […]

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  • Inspiration spoken, admiration felt

    For my husband. Written February 21, 2020. Thoughts of admiration linger in the air like cool clothes on my neck. Ohhhh, I see you. Being there for me like a rock. Not shiny, just deeply rooted in the earth, bringing me back to my roots. I don’t recall when I first left this space, on […]

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  • Rainy Days

    Here comes the rain. Something no one has seen before. Not like before, or So it seems. Like before we were young. When we had no concept of youth, just emotions, Fear of what was, death, the boogie man, loneliness Maybe you got away, overcame, or You gave away that fear in exchange for hardness. […]

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