Poetry by author Mary E. Gregory


  • Sweet Justice

    This is my expression of the pain I have felt while observing the Supreme Court nomination hearings. I can empathize with the pain the accuser must have felt as she expressed her past experiences of assault from the nominee. Oh, how brave. Does it come from coal or your soul? From the meat or something […]

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  • Dirty Dozen

    I’ll take a dirty dozen. Throw in the glazed, the mazed, the twisted, the mystic. Not like it has to be said, But you know the variety makes it a band Of brothers, different makes us all one, dirty dozen fresh out the oven. Seriously though, who you be? What’s your story? Sitting here thinking […]

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  • The Creative Mind

    The creative mind searches for meaning under rocks and stones others have thrown. It’s in this moment of anger one can see, pieces revealed like worms wiggly. From this light exposed, crawling insects and species unknown, who burrow deep beneath the cool earth’s dome. Hoping not to reap what has been sown, we all imagine […]

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  • No Title…yet

    A littler birdie sang this song outside my window this morning. Thoughts: These are not scars that you see. These freed me from disease. From the undetermined, from the chains and trials walked before me. These are not scars that you see. Focus so hard on the future, you forgot the present. Don’t realize you […]

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  • Glory is as Glory Does

    Thoughts: Glory is as Glory does. Hours worked, curtains drawn, thoughts written out like your first hit song. No hesitation – grab & go, so quick to make assumptions. Where’s your privilege when you’re unprepared? Rows of those who want the chance, waiting for that one last dance. This is it, all I’ve worked for, […]

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  • Take the Glory, Take the Power

    My thoughts have been circling around my recent promotion and thinking about what kind of leader I want to be. I had years as an entrepreneur and none of that prepared me for Corporate America…or so I thought. I want those who are experiencing this shock to know that you have a real power to […]

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