I write short stories, essays and poems, sharing kind words and insights, and helping to promote kindness, love and truth whenever possible. This is a place for inspiration, truly aligned with how I want the world to be; to be seen and to be heard.

The name Urban Honesty came to me back in 2011 when I was looking to start a clothing line, first just selling t-shirts. I felt that the name was more powerful than that, though. I didn’t know exactly where it would represent itself, so I kept it in the back of my mind and waited for it to come alive. Recently I realized that the name had a home, here with you and my poems.

This is the heart of the home, where no class exists, just the realness of getting through our day, home safe and sound, more fulfilled than when we left.  I hope that you are inspired to share your life with others, be open and honest and start with the mirror. If we are able to take a step back, we’ll discover that there lies a path, to honesty and wealth, each being the same, and kindness to others has its own kind of fame.

Mary E. Gregory

Author of Travels Through Aqua, Green, and Blue

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